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Cafe Florish

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I’ve been passing by this place for several weeks now.  It sprung up a few months ago and I had a feeling it might be good.  Well I finally went there and let me tell you, I wish i’d gone there sooner!  The place is called Cafe Florish.  Its on Wilshire near La Brea.  Yum, Yum, Yum.

Once inside, I felt like I was in a quiant small cafeteria.  There was few tables and chairs set up inside and outside, very modestly.  Clean enough to sit in, I choose a table in the corner where the volume level of all voices could was audible at every angle.  No crazy decor, the furniture was minimal and holistic, like the menu.

Their menu looked so delicious that is took me about 25 minutes to decide, especially with the  mouth watering healthy desserts they keep on the counter near the register.  Everything on the menu is plant based.   I ended up ordering a BLT & A  (Be Love Thanks & Abudance).  Its a “smoky tempeh bacon, red-leaf lettuce, ripe roma tomatoes, avocado & spicy mayo on half-toasted sprout bread”.  Didn’t miss a thing! Delicioussssss!  The tempeh tasted better than bacon, and the veggie white sauce was  perfectly matched with the lettuce, tomato, & bread.  Although I’m a french fry lover, I didn’t crave them with the substitute of some quinoa tabbouleh.


The service was friendly and patience as I questioned them about almost everything on the menu since it looked so good.  Yet as the end of my meal I saw another patron recieve a sample of one of the vanilla bean smoothies, so I asked for the same.  They declined stating that this customer was a regular, so thee only did that for her.  Although I was dissapointed, and really wanted to try it, I just told myself to order it next time.  Unfortunately, there wont be a next time since they went out of business shortly after.

Ode to Cafe Florish….the one day experience was indelible.

Cafe Flourish

5406 Wilshire Blvd

Miracle Mile, CA  90036




Salad Delight!

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I’ve never been much of a salad person growing up.  Even now, I get bored  even thinking about ordering a salad from ANYWHERE.  But I’m on a detox consecration, so I have limited myself to fruits & vegetables for a few weeks.  Anything that grows on trees or comes out the ground naturally are my choices.  Its been a fun challenge to find plant based foods, but just like when I gave up red-meat years ago, the vast menu of natural foods is revealing itself to me!

I tried this place called Basic Bites in Beverly Hills on Beverly Dr.  The first time I tried their “groovy avocado”, was a sample from a friend’s plate.  The second time was the very next day, when I ordered one myself.  The blend of goat cheese, tomatoes, pine nuts, red onions, lettuce, dried cranberries, and avocado taste so good that putting on the red vinigrette dressing almost disrupts the harmony.

The place is very clean and remind me of a small deli room.  Yet the noise level here is unobstrusive, so you can hear yourself think, unlike most deli counters.  Overall its a nice place to stop by for lunch.  So until my detox is over, no serious dates for me 🙂 I’d hate to say, um I can only order a  salad….


443 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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