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Pear or Apple Delight

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Looking in my fridge last week, I could only find dried fruit, spices and a pear.  So immediately I thought to call Di.   She is a good friend of mine whose cooking abilities rivals a chef.  She wont go into the food business for pay, but will do it for ‘fun & love’.  I asked her what I should make with my ingredients.  What follows is her receipt for a healthy desert.  Later I tried it with an apple instead:

1. Melt butter in a pan

2. slice pear/ apple & place in pan

3. sprinkle cinnamon on top

4. add dried cranberries

5. flip the pear / apple slices & sprinkle more cinnamon

6. wait until soft

7. remove from pan and add yogurt or ice cream if desired



Native Foods

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This is one of my favorite places to eat.  Although I’ve been there several times, I always order the same thing:  Chicken Run Ranch Burger.  Its so good!  The menu is made of non dairy items,  chickenless chicken, tempeh, seitan, and tofu.

The vegan selections all sound good, gut since I grew up loving fries & burgers, I always get the Chicken-less chicken Burger & I’m never disappointed.  Knowing that its made with natural and healthy ingredients, as there are shredded carrots and diced red bell peppers on the burger, makes it better than a beef or turkey on a bun!  The fries are sprinkled with flavor and taste better than most I’ve had (even INnOuts)!

Once, I tried the Native Chicken Wings, and they were pretty tasty too.  They taste crunchier & lighter than normal chicken.  I’d definitely order that again too.

The duel level seating gives off an airy feeling promoted by the high ceilings and the place seems to always be busy with quite a bit of traffic from the patrons as well as the servers.  All the employees are always patient and are quick to offer suggestions and make you aware of the specials or deals.  This small eatery is also popular with the locals.

Their desserts happen to be visible at eye level on the lower floor near the register.  All the desserts are vegan and taste very delicious, light, and so full of flavor, that you don’t miss the usual heavy and fattening ingredients used in sweets.

Native Foods

Westwood Village
1110 1/2 Gayley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 209-1055


Z Pizza

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Trying to give up white bread, flour, and/or cheese is challenging if you LOVE pizza, like me.  But a friend of mine told me that his girlfriend is allergic to gluten, so he found the only gluten free pizza around — in Seal Beach.  The place is called Z Pizza.  I wanted to try it too, so a couple of weeks later, I find myself at their counter ordering a small gluten free Napoli pizza.  The regular pizzas are priced under $10, but to my surprise the one I ordered came up to over $14 for the smallest size.  Since I wanted to try it and came quite some way for this, I paid for it anyway 😦 Most of the pizzas made in this place are made of organic wheat.  The pizza was decent, but I’d probably wouldn’t order this one again.  I think I’d pick the organic wheat next time.  The service was great though and the place resembled the typical small pizza joint.  Small and cozy, with scent of pizza dough in the air!

Z Pizza

12430 Seal Beach Blvd

Seal Beach, CA 90740

(562) 493-3440

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