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Peanut Butter…..mmmm

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Peanut Butter.  Put it in a cookie, add it to chocolate treats, mix it into a smoothie, or leave it in nut form, whatever the cast, I love most things peanut butter!  But I no longer consume it.  Why? Because its not good for my particular body & blood type.  So to maximize my health I gave IT up.  How could I give up peanut butter?  That’s hard…  So I had to do what most addicts do: replace it.  To resist peanut butter and fill its void in my life, I had to replace itI know, I know, how can you replace peanut butter?  But it can be.  I found something better.  ALMOND BUTTER!

Oh what a joy to discover other butters besides those made with peanut.  I would have never tried it, if it weren’t for my avoidance of all things peanut butter, but that’s another article.  As a result of my new love, I’ve turned it into a drink.  If you want this yummy recipe, email me 🙂


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