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La Creperie

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One of my favorite foods is the French Crepe.  This thin pancake, usually made of wheat flour, is fried and filled with sweet or savory ingredients.  Then the crepe is folded in two or fours.  Very yummy!  The pear crepe with ice cream, chocolate and whip cream is the best sweet crepe I’ve ever had.

My favorite Crepe house is La Creperie in Belmont Shores.  The atmosphere is very renaissance, with is brick wall design, endless ceilings, tall lush and thick draperies, and expansive mirrors.  Although very noisy, crowded, and popular, the waiters are all friendly and swift.  You never feel like a number, even when the wait could last over 30minutes!  There is even live jazzy music on the weekend nights to set the ambience.

La Creperie

4911 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803

(562) 434-8499


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