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Fish not staring back at me…

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I always had a thing for dead animals on my plate with their heads still on. The whole time, I feel like they are going to jump off my plate and shout at me.  Maybe it was too many scary movies growing up, but nonetheless, I’d like to eat my fish with out their heads attached.  This was from a hole in the wall place, but surprisely full of taste and more for your dollar.

The plates here are cheap and the restaurant looks like a semi-clean and kiddie decorated school cafeteria.  My table and chair was clean though, but the salad bar looked like it needed a tlc touch.  Not planning to visit naytime soon, the food was unexpectantly good and service here was better than some four star restaurants.  I guess you choose your scale: service on one side and poshness on the other.  Personally I like a happy balance of both, but sometimes you don’t get that option.

FISH PLACE ( Off wilshire near normandie )


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