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Open, say who? says me…Sesame!

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I LOVE Mediteranean Food!!!

Okay, Okay.  I know I say that with just about every thing I post, but what can I say….I’m a true FOODIE.  So many cuisines and spots to try & only one lifetime 🙂

Not only have I found Mediterrean foods healthy, cooked well, and just so tasty, but its unique flavoring and grilled vegetables, I haven’t sampled anywhere else as good as within the Lebanese cuisine.  When we ate here I wanted to thank the Chef, Ali, personally, but we discovered he was gone at around 7pm.  He makes all the sauses and prepares the daily portions fresh and leaves around 4pm to his staff to cook.  I ordered chicken, grilled tomatos and onions, garlic sauce, and wheat pita.  I choose to drink Jallob and water with lemon – no ice, as it helps with your vocal cords longevity.

The atmosphere here was warm, cozy, and familiar.  There were plenty of groups and sets of couples meeting on the night we went.  The restaurant has 2 separate locations, that were within a few paces of one another so our wait time on a Saturday was not long.  At first we sat next to the door which made it very cold with the constant traffic, but with a smile and small request, our waiter changed our  seats with little hassle.  I’d definitely return to this restaurant once  a week if possible!

Open Sesame

5215 East 2nd Street
Long Beach CA 90803

(562) 621-1698


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