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Who orders Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?

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Entering this busy establishment in Redondo Beach, we had a wait time of about 15 minutes.  Everything looked clean and confined as several waiters and host bustled by.  We opted to be seated outdoors with less traffic.  The view was beautiful, overlooking the bay and the patrons were quieter than inside.  The waitress we had was very friendly and accommodating to my specific requests.

I ordered a Crispy Chicken sandwich with Sweet potato fries.  The plate looked proportionately designed, with the crunchy chicken blending well with the bbq and ranch sauce I added on the side.  The Sweet potato fries were also perfect, not overcooked ( brittle ) nor undercooked ( soggy ) and sprinkled with seasonings of garlic cloves.  A very delicious plate.


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