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Go Fish….

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When it comes to fish, I dont discriminate.  I am “a fish lover“.  Just as long as its cooked.  I’ve never been a fan of raw style fish.  I really like it FRIED UP!!!  So here’s my latest fried treat: popcorn shrimp from Bubba Gump.  What crispy taste, crunchy ouside with soft insides wrapped in savory & sweet sauces…paradise.

Bubba Gump’s is known for their casual, family friendly, festive, outgoing environment!  Waiters sing, holla, hoop and question you on the Forest Gump adventure.  Flipping over stop sign placed at each table will get you any passing waiter to come to your table.  Determined to please, even if you have a special request item regarding one of their dishes, the chef himself will come out and accommodate you.  This is definitely a place to continue patronizing!

Bubba Gump Shrimp

22 US locations

10 Worldwide locations




Hummusing along to Tasty Health

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What can I say about this place?  Everything good!!  Not only is the atmosphere clean and relaxed, but its family owned.  The love and care that they have with their customers shows in their food & service.  When I visited this place, I was treated well and the food was very fresh, healthy, & tasty.  My favorite with the Chicken Plate with Jallab ( Lebanese drink ).

The Hummus Factory

204 E. Grand Avenue

El Segundo, CA 90245



Champagne….no not the wine!

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brioche breakfast

If you want a huge breakfast for a low cost that doesn’t compromise on the taste, try the French Toast Breakfast item at Champagne’s.  Its very filling and sweet, with strawberries, syrup, powdered sugar, and whip cream.  One of my favorites!

The atmosphere here is always welcoming and semi-casual, seen by the young ladies with their poodles or executives and their assistants having lunch.  They have indoor and outdoor seating which is great for connecting to others!

They have 14 locations in 4 major Southern California citites.


200 South Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212



Fish not staring back at me…

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I always had a thing for dead animals on my plate with their heads still on. The whole time, I feel like they are going to jump off my plate and shout at me.  Maybe it was too many scary movies growing up, but nonetheless, I’d like to eat my fish with out their heads attached.  This was from a hole in the wall place, but surprisely full of taste and more for your dollar.

The plates here are cheap and the restaurant looks like a semi-clean and kiddie decorated school cafeteria.  My table and chair was clean though, but the salad bar looked like it needed a tlc touch.  Not planning to visit naytime soon, the food was unexpectantly good and service here was better than some four star restaurants.  I guess you choose your scale: service on one side and poshness on the other.  Personally I like a happy balance of both, but sometimes you don’t get that option.

FISH PLACE ( Off wilshire near normandie )


Not so Turkey Day for me

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Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s Chicken time…


MMMmmmMMM M Cafe

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If you want healthy and varied ethnic styled foods, try this cafe in Beverly Hills. Mmmmmm: It’s M Cafe!

This little hideaway gives you private space if you are looking for a quiet place for two or self.  Very few know about its location, at least at the time of this writing yet they have plenty of business to keep afloat.  The environment is clean, neat, and gives an impression of lightness, due to the lighting, both internal and natural/external.  Set up like a bright cafe, you’re bound to eat in!

M Cafe

9433 Brighton Way

Beverly Hills, CA 90210



LA Live: Starring Pizza

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I’m pretty adventuresome when it comes to food.  I usually like to try something new, either at the grocery store or in the restaurant, but when I when I the Yardhouse, I had to order tried and true:  PIZZA!!  This was just delicious, as well as the other main courses in this picture:

The atmosphere there led up to its hype at LA live, with so much vibrant energy and full of youthful spirited people.  Good for singles, young couples, and small families!  The waitresses stay busy, so make sure you snag one to get what you need or you might be waiting quite some time. Service was great though, and being this was such a live evening, you do get a bit of the happier and daring crowd, especially when you mix it with drinks.

The Yardhouse at LA Live

800 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 745-9273


BBQ for the Holidays!

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This looks like the best looking BBQ for the 4th of July!

Healthy Wrappings!

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Returning to the healthier side of life, I decided to start making my own wraps.  This one here is a constant throughout my week.  

The ingredients:

spinach wrap

boneless chicken strips

mozarella string cheese




sundried tomatoes


First I put in the meat and cheese and warm up the wrap ( on the stove or microwave ). 

Then I add all the other ingredients and roll it up. 

Eat & Enjoy!


Sweet Wontons

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Fudge it!  And add Honey & Sugar too.  When I walked by this dessert, I decided to have it.  Healthy or not.  Unfortunately, this delectable, crisp, but sweet, wonton dish lived up to its appearance, so we ordered a second one.   If you want to try one too,  you’ll find it at the Century City Mall, where there a dozens of dizzing restaurants to choose from.  Seating is open iared like a huge pavillion.  You will find the people are casual diners ranging from semi-professionals to students to blue collar workers.  Good mix of food and people.

Take a Bao

Westfield Century City

10250 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90067


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