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New American Classic: Chicken Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

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Duk-ing it out!

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Going to Duke’s in Malibu was a elegant experience.  We went in the evening, so the atmosphere was even more special. The waiter seated us in a booth with a window overlooking the ocean rocks ans waves which distracted us from the menus.  After prying ourselves from enjoying the view, we noticed the atmosphere was private with above whispered volumes.  The menu offered quite a few choices, but I finally decided to ordered this:








Although the plate looks appealing, the food was simply alright.  Nothing to brag about, the flavors weren’t quite harmonizing with each other.  The sauce of the chicken meat over powered the breaded meal and salad.  The fries were good though.


BLT: Healthy Homemade Version

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Today I felt like making a BLT, so I went to my kitchen and 20 minutes later, emerged with this plate:

It’s turkey bacon with lettuce & tomato and sweet potato fries sprinkled with cinnamon 🙂 Mmm Mmm!


Who orders Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?

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Entering this busy establishment in Redondo Beach, we had a wait time of about 15 minutes.  Everything looked clean and confined as several waiters and host bustled by.  We opted to be seated outdoors with less traffic.  The view was beautiful, overlooking the bay and the patrons were quieter than inside.  The waitress we had was very friendly and accommodating to my specific requests.

I ordered a Crispy Chicken sandwich with Sweet potato fries.  The plate looked proportionately designed, with the crunchy chicken blending well with the bbq and ranch sauce I added on the side.  The Sweet potato fries were also perfect, not overcooked ( brittle ) nor undercooked ( soggy ) and sprinkled with seasonings of garlic cloves.  A very delicious plate.


Mediterranean Splash

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This is my version of a Mediterranean Dish:

Pick your favorite veggies (mine are kale, string beans, onions, tomatoes -I know, its a fruit-, raisons, and nuts)

Chop up and put in warm pan on stove top

Add olive oil and stir

Continue to stir and warm for about 15 minutes

Add cooked sweet potato fries and…

Voila, a tasty treat!

This should help you get back on track to healthy after the holidays 🙂


The Aquarium

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Guess where the least place I’d expect to find sweet potato fries?  Well the title gives it away, but the day I went to the Long Beach Pacific Aquarium, they had a special with delicious sweet potato fries.  I also ordered a trukey wrap with potato salad (potato binge day) and it truned out to be pretty good.  They also had a multi-berry filled pie for dessert that looked very rich and tasty, but unfortunately, I had no room nor time to eat it!

The Upper level food court is where this treat was found.  The food choices are on display as a plate model, so you can choose your meal.  Expect to stand in long lines on days where featured exhibits are ongoing.  Once you finally get to the fornt, you want to order many things since you know you’d have to return to the lines if you are hungrier.  I opted to go withour dessert to see if I could eat the huge plate of lunch I bought.

Seating is an open space nearby with choices of indoor or outdoor with traces of kids, families, and special groups of people everywhere.  A little messy, the food court has a few commercial food options as well.  It may not be a hotel, but the food richness and quantity more than made up for it.

Aquarium of the Pacific

100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802


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